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Worship Dancing and Prayer

Do you ever offer your dance to the Lord during your alone times of worship? Or, do you just dance at church or special events? Whether you are a young liturgical dancer or more mature, using your gift of dance during your time of prayer and worship is vital to your dance ministry. When you can worship dance or praise dance when no one is watching it means that you are not dancing for the sake of notoriety. It means that you understand the spiritual significance behind dance. You understand that dance does not belong to you, it belongs to the Heavenly Father. During my times of devotion and prayer the Lord will ask me to dance before Him. Why? It is because dance is the gift that He gave me to glorify Him. It may be a dance that He only sees. What a wonderful way to reverence Him, by truly dancing before Him as an audience of one. By offering my worship to Him in dance, the burdens of life are lifted from me. While dancing He will often speak to me and lead me to pray for certain sit…