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The Original Purpose of Liturgical Dance

John 12:32
"And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men to Myself."

It has been said that all of the mess that we encounter in dance ministry has long been associated with the choir and music ministry. Pride, arrogance, and haughtiness have crept into what was meant to be praise and worship. Many times liturgical  dancers can be tempted to posses these negative qualities that should not be named among the people of God.

Some dance ministries have encountered a dancer or dancers that may have more dance training, and feel that he or she should have all of the solos. Another dancer could feel that since they were in the ministry longer that they should be over the dance ministry. These are examples of the displeasing things that go on in dance ministry. God is not pleased with fighting amongst His people and fighting with eachother in ministry.

The original purpose of dance ministry is to celebrate or rejoice in the Lord. It is a part of the expression of pra…