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Liturgical Dance and Fitness, Adding More Steps to Your Day for Healthy Living

Liturgical dancers come in all beautiful sizes. At some point liturgical dance should motivate dancers to strive for physical fitness once the realization of how physically demanding.

In my earlier post, Liturgical Dance and Fitness, I urged liturgical dancers to take care of their health by making small changes and following the dietary law. Making small changes in your physical habits can greatly augment your health and stamina during dance ministry times. Many of you may or may not have heard about the 10,000 steps per day challenge. It is an effort to keep Americans moving in order to decrease the obesity rate. As we all know obesity leads to sickness and death; unfortunately, many in the body of Christ have become a part of these statistics.
Ideas on Adding More Steps in your Daily RoutinesOne does not have to result to extreme measures to become physically fit. By adding more steps in your day you can become better prepared for the physical demands of dance ministry. Here are s…