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Liturgical Dance and Fitness: Quick Warm up and Stretch Exercises

My dance teacher has always taught me that you should warm up to stretch not stretch to warm up. That means that you should warm the body up before stretching.

It is important to warm up the body before beginning any exercise. In any genre of dance this principle is important. Warming up the body before dancing is like warming up your car during the winter months. It is always advised that if you live in a cold climate during the winter months that you warm up your car until the engine is warm. Doing so will prevent cracking in the engine. It gives the engine a chance to warm the car from the battery to the gas tank. The human body works the same way. A proper warm up prepares your body for physical activity by increasing your heart rate gradually, and circulating the blood throughout your body. It keeps the body from going into shock and prevents injury. If you were to stretch your muscles before you warmed up, you could possibly tear a ligament because the muscles were not warm eno…