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Lessons for the Prophetic Dancer

As I learn more about my prophetic gift and how it coincides with my dance ministry I always find useful information that helps me in this journey. I am amazed at the things that are happening as dancers begin to go deeper in their walk with God and as they minister in dance. In my opinion, praise dancers not only have the ability or the gift to dance, but they also have other gifts within them. I am noticing that many liturgical dancers have a prophetic gift. This prophetic gift is often used to convey a message as they go forth in dance ministry. Either they will see a certain movement that gives a message or they will hear what God is saying and present that message in their dance. In the book, The Prophetic Dancer and Mime, David L. Brown helps liturgical dancers understand their gift of dance beyond dancing. He gives a short yet precise explanation about the word "prophecy" and the types of prophets--seers and those that hear; and how they use their gifting in dance min…

Prophetic Dance

The first time I ever heard the phrase "prophetic dancer" was back in 1994. I was apart of a dance ministry at a budding church in Detroit. There was one member of the dance team that really intrigued me. She had style, she had grace, but most of all she had the anointing. I was 14-years-old then. I came to realize that every time this young lady danced, the atmosphere in the service changed. She knew how to evoke praise and worship; touching the heart of the people. Her movements became so very special as she ministered. Looking back, they were regular, graceful movements, yet they appeared to be sent by God.

My best friend and I discussed our experience watching her dance after Sunday service; and the Lord told us that her dancing was prophetic. We never heard that term as 14-year-old girls, so we took our revelation to the Pastor. He agreed that what we experienced and what we heard was from God. From that day until now I would experience prophetic dance in a much deepe…