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Worship Flags, Banners, and Streamers

How to Use Worship Flags, Banners, and Streamers in Your ChoreographyThis post contains affiliate links. If you should purchase I will receive a commission.
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Using praise tools such as worship flags, worship banners, and praise dance streamers are excellent additions to making fuller choreography. What I mean by fuller is more alive. Using these tools can sometimes make solo choreography or just a few liturgical dancers seem as though there are more.

The best way to dance with these tools is to remember that they are an extension of your arms. You can really dance normally, but with the extra adage and beauty of a flag or streamer.

Worship Flags 
Worship flags come in all sorts of colors, sizes, and shapes. There are categories of worship flags such as the angel wings, square, and rectangle shaped flags. I have even seen triangle shaped worship flags. Whatever shape or color you choose to work with be sure you understand how to use the…