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Foundation of Praise and Worship

The Fundamentals of Liturgical Dance 
Liturgical dance or praise dance, is an expression of praise and worship to God. Some like to believe that dance isn't permitted in church due to some of the sexual undertones of dance in mainstream. But, dancing in the Spirit is quite the opposite. It is not the "shouting" that is done in some churches. The expression is deeper, and more about the relationship between the dancer and God.

Gaining the Proper Foundation for Liturgical Dance
The proper foundation for liturgical dance is praise and worship. Once liturgical dancers realize that understanding praise and worship is the key for praise dance, then the expression becomes more relevant. Here is what I mean. Have you seen liturgical dancers that were non expressive, or seem to just be going through the motions? I have seen this on several occasions, and quite frankly I am seeing this pattern as liturgical dance is becoming more widespread. To get a greater understan…