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10 Things Every Dance Ministry Leader Should Know

My husband plays the keyboard and sings for the children's church ministry at his uncle's church in Detroit. He also helps with the older adult choir on specific Sundays.

My husband's uncle asked him, urgently, if he would help them learn more about praise and worship. He agreed and I must say things are really looking different in this church. The church that I am speaking of shall remain nameless. However, it is known for not allowing certain things to happen within the church especially praise dance.

I told my husband to be on the look out for praise dancing because once people learn more about praise and worship, then they will be more open to this ministry.

I was right! It's been about six weeks since the praise dance team ministered for the first time.

I know the new dance leader is excited. It is a privilege to lead a group of people who are excited about dance.

If I had an opportunity to tell the new leader anything about her new role I would give her the follo…