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Choosing the Best Liturgical Dance Garments

The popularity of liturgical dance has exploded. Dance wear companies have taken heed to this niche market in dance attire. Several years ago, liturgical dancers had to seek out a seamstress that could create a long skirt or a modest dress. I can remember this clearly. As a liturgical dancer in the 90's, we were forced to search for dress patterns at the fabric store in order to have a proper liturgical dance dress. Today, there is a wide variety of praise dance apparel available online and at dance supply stores. Because of this, liturgical dancers have options.

How to Choose the Best Liturgical Garment for Choreography

I love the beauty of liturgical dance wear. Whether custom made or manufactured, the selection is a lot better than what it used to be. With the options available we can now choose praise dance garments that is right for particular choreography. The first thing to remember is to choose dance wear that is modest. Because liturgical dance is meant to glorify God we …