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Is liturgical dancing ministry or entertainment?

Liturgical dance ministries and dancers have been met with criticism. Although there are a growing number of dance ministries nationally and internationally, there are still a lot of churches that prohibit dance in the Church. It is interesting when a ministry halts expression of worship through dance only to allow "shouting", which is dance done spontaneously. Some churches do not dance at all or allow dancing of any kind. As liturgical dancers we must realize that there are differences in protocol from church to church and from denomination to denomination.

Praise dancing has been somewhat uncomfortable for some church leaders to embrace. Dance has been widely viewed as something vulgar, carnal, or sexual. Many Pastors fail to realize that many religions other than Christianity have their own dances to worship their god. Christians, Jews, and Messianic Jews all have dancing in their expression of worship to God.

Pastors and leaders at times question the validity of rehears…