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Teaching Improvisation as a Guide to Moving in Prophetic Dance

How to teach prophetic dance
There will be times in ministry where liturgical dancers will have to dance without a choreographed routine. Depending on the flow of the Holy Spirit, these times might be frequent or infrequent. To get yourself or your dance ministry prepared for these times in ministry, it is important to help your dancers feel comfortable with improvisation.

What is improvisation? Improvisation is creative expression without specific choreography or routine. This can be found in areas of music, dance, mime, and comedy. To become familiar with improvisation here are a few exercises you can do with your dance ministry.

Time, Space, and Energy Time, space, and energy is the core of every dance routine. Time is the timing of the music or the pace of the music. Space is the dance area. It can be small or large relative to other dancers in the dancing area. Energy refers to the motions of the movements. It can either be sharp or soft. An exercise to help your dan…