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Liturgical Dance Instruction for Children

Liturgical dance is not just for adults, it is for children too. Children have an ability to connect with God faster than most adults. They may mimic what their elders do, but they are very sincere in praise and in worship. As your liturgical dance ministry grows, undoubtedly there will be small children interested in learning more about dance. If you are clueless about where to start, start at the basics. Here are a few tips to teaching liturgical dance to children.

Spiritual Foundation  Praise and Worship It is important to teach children about praise and worship as a foundation to liturgical dance ministry. Help them understand the meaning of praise and worship. Teach them words of worship and praise like "Hallelujah" or "Thank you Jesus". Teach them to lift their hands and express their feelings towards God during services and at home.

Children should understand that praise and worship doesn't not always have to be before the congregation …