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Liturgical Dance and Fitness: Hydrating the Body and the Spirit

As liturgical dancers we need to understand the parallel of water that hydrates our bodies and the living water of the Holy Spirit that replenishes our spirit. Both are important to the function of the body as well as the spirit.

Our bodies are made up of 70 percent water. Daily, we can experience moments of thirst as we lose water from caffeinated drinks, sweating, or not drinking enough water. It is imperative that we replenish the water that we lose so that our bodies can function properly--digestion can run smoothly and our kidneys and liver can flush out toxins. Not consuming enough water can have a negative impact on your muscles, you can feel fatigued very quickly, and coordination can be reduced (which is needed to learn dance steps). During times of physical activity your body will require more water to function properly, so drink up.

In the same manner, our spirit requires the nourishment of the Holy Spirit. In the scriptures, the Holy Spirit is represented several ways. One…