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What happens when you praise dance

A Spiritual Look into Praise Dance from a Prophet's Point of View 
As a Pastor and praise dance instructor, I emphasize spiritual excellence before dance excellence. Being spiritually sound is essential to any area of ministry. Being able to function in ministry by the flow of the Holy Spirit will assist you in ministering beyond your God given ability. That is why it is so important to be living sacrifices, to be holy, to fast and pray, and know the Word.

Every church or ministry leader does not recognize dance an important tool in praise and worship. Some believe that dance should only be limited to "shouting" or swaying and clapping during the musical portion of the service. Dance serves a purpose in ministry. It brings celebration. It helps people worship expressively.

In the church, we hear the word "atmosphere" a lot, especially in churches where prophetic ministry is going forth. When preachers use this term it is used to describe an environment whe…