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The Spirit of Competition and Praise Dance Competitions

I recently listened to a podcast about liturgical (praise) dance competitions. I have seen videos of them on YouTube, but didn't pay too much attention to them. After listening to the podcast I really focused on the spirit of competition and praise dance competitions; and how they are connected. It is concerning to me that praise dance competition is a part of the resurgence of dance in the Church. Here is why.

The Spirit of Competition
The spirit of competition is rampant throughout the Body of Christ. It exists to keep us divided. It comes in many forms--pride, jealousy, egoism, and arrogance just to name a few. This problem is one that is not defeated with natural means, but must be handled with prayer. It exists in all areas of ministry. The spirit of competition can put one church against another, or one Bishop against another Bishop. Dance ministries are not exempt. If one is not careful, their own skill and praise from others can make them feel as if they are the best, …