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Are you called to praise dance?

Dance is such a natural part of my being. Everything I do is in dance. Whether I am bending down to pick up a piece of paper, or reaching for an item on the top shelf of my kitchen cabinet, my toes are always pointed. I realize that every praise dancer does not view dance in the same manner as I. Some view it as a chance to showcase their talent, but for me this is ministry. It is not ministry because I am a Pastor, but it is ministry because I realize the powerful effect that praise dance has in a service.

I recently visited a church where the minister was addressing the issues found in many churches today. Many have become places of entertainment instead of houses of worship. The minister mentioned how people can get a show from the mimes and dancers. That can be taken as backlash against liturgical dancers, but I realized he was talking about how the heart of the people are not cleansed.

What does being called to praise dance mean?
Being called to praise dance means that you ar…