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Rebuilding the Tabernancle of David Through Dance

What is the tabernacle of David?

The tabernacle was a place of worship. According to the Old Testament it was a tent that could be constructed anywhere, and it housed the ark of the covenant or the presence of Yahweh (God). It has long been said that the tabernacle of David was a model of what took place in Heaven, continual worship to God.

In 1 Samuel 6, the ark of the covenant was removed from the children of Israel in Jerusalem. There were two attempts at returning the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem. The first attempt was a disaster as one of David's chosen men (Uzzah) unlawfully touched the ark and died. The ark was being carried on a cart by oxen and one of them stumbled. To keep the ark of the covenant on the cart Uzzah touched the ark and perished. His death caused great fear to fall upon David and to the men that witnessed this event. He had to find the proper method for returning the ark back to Jerusalem.

David's second attempt at returning the ark of the covena…