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Worship in Spirit and Truth Through Dance

Psalms 29: 2 Give unto the Lord the glory due His name, Worship the Lord in the Beauty of holiness.

Shachah is the Hebrew word for worship. It means to bow down, to prostrate one's self, to fall down flat. It is a word that denotes reverence to the Heavenly Father. As liturgical dancers our worship and praise are unspoken. We outwardly show what is happening in our hearts. Our adoration becomes apparent with each turn, each bow, and each leap. It is not something that can be appreciated by everyone. To some, we look foolish. But, liturgical dance, specifically worship dance, is our demonstration of reverence. It is our demonstration of worship. You will always know if a liturgical dance is one of worship. You will see movements that look like worship through bowing and extreme movements of reverence. There have been times where I have even fallen flat (shachah) to the Lord (Yahweh). Needless to say, the dance ended and the congregation was lead into worship.

As a choreograp…

How to Host a Liturgical (Praise) Dance Workshop

Hosting a liturgical dance workshop is a great way to build your dance skill, have fun, and fellowship. Inviting other churches is also a great way to network with other dance ministries and fellowship with the body of Christ. Here are a few things that you will need for a liturgical dance workshop.


You will need to carve out a couple of hours on a Saturday morning to host the workshop. It is best to allow around three to four hours so that you will not feel rushed. The workshop time should be longer than your normal rehearsal times. 


It is important that you have enough space to host your liturgical dance workshop. If you are inviting a large group to the workshop, then it is important to have enough space to accommodate everyone. Hosting in fellowship halls or the church should provide enough space. If not, perhaps consider renting a space for a nominal fee. 


It is not enough to host a liturgical dance workshop. You must have a plan as well. You need to know what top…