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The Importance of Dancing in Excellence

Learning Ballet and Modern Dance Techniques
In the world of mainstream dancing, dancers are required to have studied dance genres specific to their niche. If someone wanted to become a ballerina, that person is expected to study ballet. If a hip-hop dancer aspires to be a backup dancer for a secular artist then he would take classes in hip-hop techniques. The same is true for liturgical dancers. Liturgical dancers ought to have a time of study. This study is not limited to liturgy only.

Liturgical dance is a genre of dance unlike any other genre because it is based solely on worship or your relationship with the Heavenly Father. It would behoove a liturgical dancer to study ballet, lyrical, and modern/contemporary techniques. This will train the body for expressive movements and help you look more polished in your routines. I always recommend completing at least three ballet classes so that you can come acquainted with ballet terms and positions.

Cecchetti Ballet Technique