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Royal Priesthood: Taking Care of the House of Yahweh

Taking Care of Your Temples This next post will deal with taking care of the house of Yahweh--guarding and performing the work of Yahweh in the Temple. In my previous posts explained how Yahweh wants us to worship him. He has a set pattern. And, we saw how he wants us to reverence Him. If you have not read those sections, take time to read those before moving on with this post.

Royal Priesthood: Preparing your Sanctuary for Worship
Royal Priesthood: Reverencing the House of Yahweh 

Guard the House of Yahweh at all Times 
Numbers 18:1-7

This particular commandment, to guard the House of Yahweh at all times is a poignant message for us today. He commanded the Priests and the Levites to guard the Temple so that others will not defile it. He gave them specific responsibilities for approaching the Most High on behalf of the children of Israel, thus saving them from death. The Heavenly Father only authorized the Levitical Priests to do this. Why? Because they were set apart as a sacrifices …