Dance Ministry Books

Apostle David L. Brown just released his new book on prophetic dance ministry and mime ministry. Here is what to expect from this book:

  • How to yield yourself for optimum prophetic flow
  • Using dance and mime to set atmosphere and spiritual climate
  • Interpreting the Word of the Lord through mime and dance, as well as speaking it forth verbally
  • Avoiding pitfalls and dangers related and common among prophetic arts and expression.
As a follow up to his book The Prophet-Minstrel this book is promised to give the prophetic dancer and mime ministry the wisdom and insight on how to handle the prophetic gift that God has given them.

The Prophet-Minstrel combines understanding of the prophetic ministry and the ministry of music. It is an awesome book that will give you understanding about the different offices of the prophetic minstrels. There is a section prophetic dance in this book.

Teach Your Feet to Praise the Lord is part of a DVD that teaches Messianic dances. The choreographer, Mindy Seta, lets you in on how to do the easy steps. She has even been featured on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural. I have her interview HERE .She mentions the healing she has experienced through finding salvation as a Jewish person, and finding dance as her way to worship.   

Guidelines to Starting and Maintaining a Dance Ministry is a dance ministry must have to understand the foundations of dance and the administrative portion of dance ministry. In this guide you will find Biblical applications for liturgical dance and practical information on how to run a successful dance ministry. You will find templets for various administrative forms, how to keep accurate records, different systems to keep your dance ministry going and much more. Written by Dr. Denita Hedgemen, this book will give you the tools you need for your dance ministry.