About Dancing in the Spirit, Foundation of Liturgical Dance 

Dancing in the Spirit, Foundation of Liturgical Dance is a blog designed as a teaching tool to answer the needs of liturgical dance ministries with Biblical foundation. My aim is to inform dance ministries of the importance of proper dance technique and to give encouragement to all liturgical dancers through the Word of God. 

Please use the already uploaded video classes to help you along in your journey.

Also, I recommended reading material from an author that I know personally that is designed to be a dance ministry tool. It will give you clear insight on what is required of a dance leader, dance minister, or praise dancer.

Read the articles, and if you like, print for your dance ministry.

About Pastor Katina Davenport 

Katina Davenport is Pastor alongside her husband at Spirit and Truth House of Worship, located in Warren, MI. She has been dancing since the age of three. She has studied various dance techniques such as African, ballet, modern, jazz, and liturgical dance.

God has given Katina revelation knowledge about dance and its meaning to the body of Christ. She is committed to teaching other dance ministries about the structure of dance and the art of worship. Katina is in her 17th year of dance ministry and wants to continue for many years to come.

When she is not dancing, Katina, is studying the Word, taking care of her family, blogging, and enjoying life.

You can find Katina writing for other sites such as:

If you are interested in learning more about Dancing in the Spirit please contact Pastor Katina Davenport today at spiritandtruthhw@gmail.com.

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