Monday, March 17, 2014

The Spirit of Esther (Hadassah), Purity, and Marriage

Hadassah, Queen Esther, was chosen by God to save the people of Israel. It is a story that has brought many tears to my eyes while reading, discussing the book of Esther, or even watching One Night With the King. Her sacrifice is exemplary for all women, and poignant for women praise dancers. Her purity and obedience put her in the presence of a king, ultimately saving her people.

Queen Vashti

I have heard countless sermons about Queen Vashti and her beauty. As the story goes Queen Vashti was put away by the king because she refused to be presented in front of him and his party during a week long feast. Although she was having her own feast for the women, her presence was needed as she was to be presented for her beauty. Many use this as an example of how not to treat your mate. Refusal to be praised or recognized caused her to be shut out of her kingdom. Likewise a wife refusing to praise or complements or anything good can make the husband say "forget it." Now, he may not put his wife away, but it puts the wife into a position where she is not favored by her husband.

All of this is true, however I see the situation as a set up. The Father knows and sees all. He knew that in order to have the person in place to save HIS people He would have to harden the heart of Queen Vashti. He knew that a Babylonian king would never save the people of Israel. He chose to use a woman, a Queen of Hebraic heritage. Why? A woman has the ability to change the mind of her husband especially when her husband is truly in love with her. Esther had the boldness to surrender herself for the life of her nation. Esther 1:9-22


Before Esther would ever become Queen the king required that all of the women he gathered in that country would purify their bodies. That meant there were certain things that they could eat and not eat. Also, there were certain oils used to extract toxins out of the body. For one whole year Esther endured the cleansing process in order to be the Queen. During her process of being made Queen, Esther was favored among all the women. Even her maids of favored her. Why? The Lord Almighty found favor in His eyes. Her heart was pure before Him, therefore His favor could be seen by others. His favor caused the favor of man to rest upon her. Thus she became Queen. Esther 2

The Spirit of Esther

As women and as praise dancers we can see a lesson for us to be pure before the Lord. Whatever your status in life--married, single, or divorced; the Heavenly Father expects to have a pure heart. The area of dance ministry can easily lose the effectiveness when there are hidden problems lurking. Even if no one knows of your problems rest assured the Father knows. And, He wants you to get right so that you can be close to Him.

The Father wants to present us to the world as His beautiful bride, but many shun the call to come to His court. In His court is where His presence resides. It is the place where one can be renewed, be cleansed, and to be whole. We often shun Him by our disobedience, lack of intimacy with Him, and our refusal to live a holy lifestyle. He wants to present His glory in us as we minister in dance.

Don't refuse His beckoning to draw near to Him. He is our king. We (the church) are His bride. He is coming for us and He is calling for us.

As we dance we want to have the purity and the boldness of Esther. Be willing, with a pure heart, to sacrifice yourself to the King of Kings by offering your praise dance to Him.

We can obtain the purity He wants us to have through daily forgiveness and repentance, praise and worship, prayer and fasting, and obedience. As your purity begins to come forth you will obtain boldness to minister to the people of God in whatever capacity He gives to you.

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  1. wow! powerful and anointed and incredibly on time for me right now. thank you my sister in christ for sharing the word of truth, wisdom, and revelation. man...may God bless you!! <3