Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What is True Worship

How many times have you heard someone say that God wants true worship, or I am a true worshiper? Well, I have heard it plenty of times. While we know that God wants to be worshiped; and He is seeking those that will worship Him in Spirit and in truth (John 4:24), we must have a true understanding of true worship.

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True Worship is Obedience

True  worship goes beyond the outward expression of worship. Some have mastered dance, singing, and playing music; and truly believe they are true worshipers. Let's take the pure heart of worship a step further in to obedience. True worship is obedience. Here is what I mean. When you worship someone or something you have an innate sense of duty to do whatever it takes to please them. Those that worship other gods or are of other religions are obedient to the rules of that religion. Their duties and worship activities are dictated in their religious books. They have a set pattern on how to worship; and members are expected to follow the pattern according to the written rules. Some rules might dictate its members to a pray a particular prayer at certain times of the day. A religion might require its members to chant various words or perform ceremonial dances. If a member is not following the instructions for worship they could be considered to be member that is not truly devoted or a true worshiper. They might be considered just a member of that organization. 

What if I told you that God has a way that He wants us to worship Him. The expression of worship to God can be in the form of dance, music, or giving an offering. However there is something that He wants more than your expression. He wants your obedience. 

Let's look at it another way. Worship is the most intimate that you can be with our Creator. We worship Him or join with Him in an intimate relationship out of love. Yahshua (Jesus) said if you love me keep my commandments (John 14:15). When Yahshua (Jesus) spoke about keeping His commandments he was referring the scripture that says Lord with all your heart, your soul, and your mind (Matthew 22:37); which is also found in Deuteronomy 6:5. He was also referring to loving your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:31). What He did was sum up the instructions found in the first 5 books of the Bible, the Torah. His commandments teaches us to love Him and to love His people. 

He tells us to have no other god's before Him (Exodus 20:3). He tells us to stay away from idol worship Exodus (20:4). He wants us to rest and spend one day with Him Exodus (20:8). He wants us to honor our mother and father (Exodus 20:12). I can name many things that the Father instructs us to do in His commandments. Although blood sacrifices are no longer done, He still expects us to be obedient to His Word. His commandments instructs us on how we should love Him. Therefore, loving and worshiping the Lord requires obedience.

The Marriage Perspective 

Let's look at this from a marriage perspective. If I never tell my husband what I want in the marriage, he would never know how to please me. The same goes for me. My husband will know that I love him when I do the things that pleases him. When we follow the Father's instructions and pattern for worship He knows that we love Him. If we don't know what God wants in His relationship with us, we will not know what truly pleases Him. That is why knowing the Word is important. He knows that we are true worshipers by obeying His Word.

Here is the pattern for worship taken from the furnishings that were found in the Tabernacle of Moses:

Forgiveness and repentance. Before the priest were allowed to come into the presence of God, the first order of protocol was to atone for sins and to wash themselves. (Exodus 27:1-8 and Exodus 30:17-21)

We come covered with the blood of Yahshua (Jesus). When Yahshua (Jesus) died, the veil what torn in two represents that we could come to the Father without the ceremonial parts. He shed His blood so we can have access to the Father through Him. (Exodus 26:31-35) 

Then we communicate with the Almighty at His altar, through praise, worship, and prayer. (Exodus 30:1-10) 

From there we enter into the Most Holy Place and His glory. (Exodus 25:10-22)

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  1. This is one of the best informational litugical dance sites I have come across. So biblically sound.

    1. Amen! Thank you for stopping and reading. I only post the things that the Holy Spirit shows me. Come back again.~Pastor Katina Davenport

    2. Thank you for this website! The Lord has said YES to me starting a dance ministry in my church....praise God!...I am nervous, but am so happy! My biggest thing is what should our first meeting look like? Please any advise you have will help!

    3. Let your first meeting being an orientation where you get to know the dancers and they get to know you. Establish some guidelines and best practices (pray about those). Also you want let them know what to expect for next the class.

  2. I have looking for understand ing and knowledge of liturgical dance and when I was not looking . I found this site. It is the best one I have read. I know how to praise God in the right way. I have not dance yet . But im very passionate praise God with litugical dance.I thank God for you.

    1. Pastor Katina DavenportJanuary 12, 2015 at 10:06 PM

      Bless you. I am sure God will use you mightly when you dance.