Monday, February 3, 2014

I Will Bless the Lord

Grab your copy of the book today I Will Bless the Lord, 28 Days of Praise and Worship

I never thought that I would write a praise and worship devotional. I really enjoy worshiping and praising the Lord through dance, but I thought my first book would be about dance. Even though I always knew that I would author a book, the journey to writing this devotional was very interesting. It started off as a simple idea of wanting to share scriptures from the book of Psalm that were relative to praise and worship. However, the Holy Spirit began to guide me as I researched. It was supposed to be a blog post, but it turned into a book. I felt a pull to have this as a book. It's not just for dancers, but for the Body of Christ.

Why a praise and worship devotional

I believe the Most High wants us to devote more time to Him in praise and worship outside of church. Praise and worship should be a daily practice. It is part of building your relationship with the Father. Think of it this way: when you are in a relationship with someone you will direct your focus and attention on them. Whether in words or in actions, you will find some way to compliment or give them affection. The same goes with our Heavenly Father. He is more inclined to be near us when we first have a clean heart, and when we worship and praise Him.

Why 28 days of praise and worship

Twenty-eight days represents God's perfect timing and renewal. In Biblical times, the lunar calendar was based on the phases of the moon which lasted 28 days. He gave us the moon and the stars to be able to tell time and the seasons. Each new month began with a sliver of the moon otherwise known as the new moon. During this time people would come together with the sound of the shofar, praise and worship, and gathering to celebrate.

See scriptures:
Psalm 81:2-4
Numbers 10:10

Why a short devotional

This was designed to help you get your day started. Whether you are at your work desk, over coffee at home, or in your car; you can read the scripture and commentary in one sitting. You will have time to meditate and reflect on the passage of scripture throughout the day. There is a different praise or worship for each day. Some require movement. The praise or worship corresponds to the scripture, commentary, and personal stories.

Reviews from Amazon

Those that have read the book have been blessed to use this devotional as a part of their daily prayers. They have felt a closer relationship to God. Another found this to be a short book that can be read in one sitting. 

All are experiencing something different and powerful at the same time. They are experiencing a connection to God as they journey through praise and worship. 

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