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What does praise dance mean to you?

Topic for Introductory Praise Dance Class Online 

I recently tutored a dear sister in the Lord in dance so that she can be ready for the next level of dance ministry. As with some dancers, we can become accustomed to going through out life without dance for a period of time. We become consumed with the things of life and other ministry areas, which is ok, yet a consistent dance training routine is forgotten. I am guilty of that and have been guilty of that from time to time, especially after having children. Finding time to work on dance exercises and training can be challenging with small children. But, I still find myself coming back to a consistent routine to help me dance my best when the time is right.

Praise dancer in white, turning. Copyright 2010 Katina Davenport I asked my friend that needed help in dance training what dance means to her? It is a trick question, but it is a valid one. As praise dancers we should know what dance looks like to us. If I were to give the word "dance" for a praise dancer to interpret most likely they could not because there is a lack of understanding when it comes to dance. This is due in part to the shyness or fear of letting go that is within the dancer. That fear does not come from God, but it comes from the devil. God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). If you, as a liturgical dancer, have a heart for dancing before the Lord, you already know what dance looks like. This is the gift that you were created with, therefore you know clearly how to interpret dance.

Praise dancer in white turning. Copyright 2010 Katina Davenport I will ask this same question again for my other students because I want to see how they view themselves in dance and how they perceive their gift. If praise dancing is just another extra activity, then it will show.

So, what does praise dance mean to me? It means turns and leaps and being free. If a death person were to see the expression in my face and the movement in my limbs they would be able to feel what praise dance means to me.

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