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Holy Ghost Fire Dance Video of the Week

This is such an anointed dance! This week's praise dance of the video is from Zion's Praise Dance Ministry. 

This dance really ministered to me as I watched the girls portray the working of the Holy Ghost in action with fire dance flags with the white angle wings.

This is an awesome dance ministry out of Cleveland, Ohio. Enjoy! Let the song and dance minister to you.
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10 Things Every Dance Ministry Leader Should Know

My husband plays the keyboard and sings for the children's church ministry at his uncle's church in Detroit. He also helps with the older adult choir on specific Sundays.

My husband's uncle asked him, urgently, if he would help them learn more about praise and worship. He agreed and I must say things are really looking different in this church. The church that I am speaking of shall remain nameless. However, it is known for not allowing certain things to happen within the church especially praise dance.

I told my husband to be on the look out for praise dancing because once people learn more about praise and worship, then they will be more open to this ministry.

I was right! It's been about six weeks since the praise dance team ministered for the first time.

I know the new dance leader is excited. It is a privilege to lead a group of people who are excited about dance.

If I had an opportunity to tell the new leader anything about her new role I would give her the follo…

Praise Dance Video Pick of the Week

Hello, praise dancers!

I thought about starting something new on this blog. I wanted to share praise dance videos that have been a blessing to me.

The first one I want to share is a video that was uploaded over 5 years ago. I discovered this video in 2014, during a tough time of my life. I was walking with a cane from hip pain. It was attributed to some of the injuries I had suffered from carrying and giving birth to a baby that was almost 11 pounds.

The song is by Angelo and Veronica called Praise the Lord. They were very big in the contemporary gospel music genre in the 90's. The song is done in English and Spanish. Unfortunately, the song is no longer published as the married gospel duo has slowed down their music ministry.

There are two versions of the dance. One you can see here: Praise the Lord by Angelo and Veronica.

However, I want to highlight the video done at a Hope Christian Church. I was so inspired by this dance I literally jumped out of my chair and started walking …

The Best Praise Dance Songs for 2017

Hello praise dancers!

It is the day after Resurrection Sunday 2017 (at the time of this writing).

You have probably participated in plays and dances commemorating the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

It is a very special time of year.

This year we celebrated Passover and spent time with family as we do every year.

I want to update my list on the best praise dance songs. I wanted to do it for this year, 2017. So here it is.

Make sure you save this list on Pinterest. Click her to save. 
Top 10 Praise Dance Songs According to YouTube
There is an actual list of top 10 songs from Billboard, which I will mention in a moment. However, YouTube has a way of displaying what everyday people consider to be the best or most popular. This list was researched according to all of the praise dance uploads in one year.

Put a Praise on it by Tasha CobbsYou Deserve It JJ Hariston and Youthful PraiseThis Means War by Pastor Charles JenkinsThe Hill by Travis GreenI'll Just Say Yes by Brian Cour…

A Fresh Start

Greetings dancers!

It has been a while since I have updated this blog. Why? So many things were happening to me all at once since the last time I posted anything. 
I didn't want to burden you all with what has happening but now that it is over I feel free enough to tell you. 
The last time I updated this blog I was sick with an illness that blocks the sweat glands which is very painful and causes boils under the arms. Doctors had given me no hope of ever recovering from the illness. I am happy to say that I am healed! 
I started to recover in February 2014. The following month I learned I was expecting again. So, our family has grown. When this happened I knew I wouldn't be able to dance for a very long time. I had to concentrate on my family. We are in full-time homeschool mode so it makes it a little difficult to focus on dance with two school aged children and a toddler. 
I've been feeling the pull to continue to write articles on Dancing in the Spirit when the time is …

The Spirit of Esther (Hadassah), Purity, and Marriage

Hadassah, Queen Esther, was chosen by God to save the people of Israel. It is a story that has brought many tears to my eyes while reading, discussing the book of Esther, or even watching One Night With the King. Her sacrifice is exemplary for all women, and poignant for women praise dancers. Her purity and obedience put her in the presence of a king, ultimately saving her people.

What is True Worship

How many times have you heard someone say that God wants true worship, or I am a true worshiper? Well, I have heard it plenty of times. While we know that God wants to be worshiped; and He is seeking those that will worship Him in Spirit and in truth (John 4:24), we must have a true understanding of true worship.